About US

About CyberStark

CyberStark was born by the efforts of Choudhary Abdullah and Ibn-e-Junaid on 31st Decemeber 2017. They had a shared ambition to create a business that turned the traditional consulting model on its head: no sales team; no RFP processes, just great people doing great work that focused on quality, value and collaboration. 

Our Values

We work with our clients and their customers to collectively nurture ideas, shape strategies, and evolve our designs. 

Focus on People

Everything we do with you, from marketing planning to content strategy and website and app design, will be informed by an intimate understanding of the needs and behaviours of real people – your customers! 

Be Bold

If it can be imagined, it can be achieved. We’ll challenge your assumptions to inspire innovative thinking and find a new direction. We’ll test boundaries and embrace failure because we want to learn and discover the full potential of our ideas, so we can improve what we do, for you and your customers. 

Create Impact

Our team is relentlessly focused on continuously improving what we do, to increase value for your customers and deliver a sustainable and measurable impact on your business. Because success doesn’t happen overnight, but over time through continuous review and refinement. 


Our Awesome Team

Choudhary Abdullah

Choudhary Abdullah

Co-Founder & the Walking Wanderer

Abdullah is a highly enthusiastic and creative person responsible for making the technological and operational requirements for the company. He is also the official creative head of the company and makes sure our client's projects stand exclusive in the market.

Rithik Gandhi

Rithik Gandhi

Co-Founder & the Tinkerer

Rithik is responsible for handling the UI/UX of the projects, and responsible for handling both the front-end and back-end parts of our projects. With his wide range of knowledge and critical thinking, he believes in providing the best User Experience to our clients.



Co-Founder & the Backpacker

Junaid specializes in cloud computing, JS frameworks and also makes sure our servers and projects are running smoothly. As a Cybersecurity analyst, he analysis our projects to find essential vulnerabilities with his unique approach and the wide area of expertise.

Yaseen Ammaar

Yaseen Ammaar

Co-Founder & the Observant

Yaseen is a highly witty person who specializes in handling backend technologies for all our projects - Website, smartphone applications, you name it. With his hawk-eye focus and fun personality he ensures we are functioning properly as a team.

What We Do Best

Web Development

Google SEO


Web Security


Email Marketing

Social Media


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